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New York, with inputs from our Boston Bureau:

All the three above named personalities have one thing in common; they all deny that the ongoing war is a clash of civilizations. This thesis first stated by Samuel P Huntington that the next World War will originate from a clash of civilizations, essentially between Islam and Christianity. We too agree with the three stalwarts that the ongoing war and whatever is to follow is not going to be a clash of civilizations. No not that we disagree with Huntington that this is in fact a clash between Islam and the rest of the world and the divisions go into the civilizational outlook of the contenders. But we draw an important line that makes us deny that this is in fact a Clash of Civilizations. Had the third world war taken place between the Free World and the Communist bloc, then we could have agreed to call that a Clash of Civilizations.

We reserve the term civilized for those humans who have reached a state of development both in their lifestyle and outlook which is advanced in the context of the age we live in

We reserve the term civilized for those humans who have reached a state of development both in their lifestyle and outlook which is advanced in the context of the age we live in. We cannot dignify a society that is backward in its outlook, although advanced in its lifestyle to be civilized. Although the reverse can be true. For instance, a society may be advanced in its outlook, but backward in its lifestyle as is that of the Eskimos. They are a gentle people who live at a subsistence level. Contrast this with those who zip around in Jazzy Cars instead of the Camel Caravans, wear Denims instead of the Dishdashas (the flowing gown of the Arabs), whose weapons have changed from the sword of Allah to the Islamic Atom Bomb. But whose outlook remains unchanged - that of the Jehad - to convert all Kafirs to Islam on the pain of death.

Islamic Way of Life V/s. a Civilized Way of Life

This intolerant aspect of Islam has imposed the outlook of desert tribal nomads (the Bedouin Arabs) on all those who were converted to Islam. The victorious Muslims converted people in the lands they overran at the point of the sword. "Accept Islam or die", this was the general attitude of the truculent Muslim armies the world over. Such intolerance of everything non-Islamic has been typecast with Islam till today.

Hence in many non-Muslim eyes Islam came to represent intolerance, persecution and all that goes against a decent and civilized outlook. And so Muslims have come to be looked upon as those misguided humans whose outlook was limited to a lower level of human consciousness.

The track record of slash-smash-burn-destroy-slaughter of the victorious Islamists

The track record of slash-smash-burn-destroy-slaughter of the victorious Islamists represented a choice for all non-Islamic peoples between being civilized or being Islamic. A choice to be made in favour of Islam on the pain of death.

Whatever Islamic principles in the Koran may say about co-existence of Islam with Non-Islamic people, at the practical level, past history of the 14 centuries of Islam bears evidence to the fact that Muslims have never reconciled to having non-Islamic people anywhere in the globe. The aim is still to convert all people all over the globe to Islam at the pain of death.

Thus whatever change has taken place in lifestyle, the outlook has remained at the level of desert nomads of the age of tribal savagery. It is this outlook which is personified by Osama Bin Laden which he has summarized for us in his proclamation,; "Alarzu Lillah, Walhukmu Lillah." (The Earth belongs to Allah and thus only Allah's rule should prevail all over the earth.)

This really is a Clash between Civilization and Barbarism

Hence we agree with George Bush, Tony Blair, Noam Chomsky when they say for different reasons that; " This is no Clash of Civilizations". Yes indeed, this is no clash of civilizations, on the contrary it is a clash between Civilization and Barbarism. There is no such thing as Islamic Civilization. The phrase "Islamic Civilization" is a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron. Since one can either be Islamic or be civilized. And howsoever one may try to hide the fact, it remains that the present conflict is between Islam and the rest. In other words between barbarism and Civilization. So we reject the description "A Clash of Civilizations" for the ongoing war.

Today due to political compulsions, not many journalists would be ready to be so candid, honest and open

We hope that sooner rather than later; the global media develops enough frankness to call a spade a spade. Only then can they admit their understanding of the nature of the war as; "A Clash between Civilization and Barbarism". We know that today due to political compulsions, not many would be ready to be so candid, honest and open. But after the conclusion of this war a quarter century from now, when chroniclers write the annals of history, they would be under no duress to call this "The final struggle between Civilization and Barbarism". It is then that in retrospect that we shall admit the truth. The time for the admission of this dangerous truth has not yet arrived!

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- Eric Rogers

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