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Haifa,with inputs from correspondents at Tel Aviv, Sydney and New York:

Before we get down to the logistics of doing this, let us get to know our adversary. We got to know a bit of their mentality while watching Larry King Live on CNN today evening. And that triggered off this report. The interrogations of some captured Palestinian Suicide Bombers by Israeli intelligence agencies gave us a first hand insight into the mental make-up of the Suicide Bombers and how their trainers transform a normal impressionistic young person into a death-seeking Suicide Bomber.

Suicide Bombers also known as Fidayeens are going to be a central part of the battle scenario in the coming Global War on Terrorism

Suicide Bombers who are also known as Fidayeens, Mujahideens, Janisarris, are going to be a central part of the battle scenario in the coming Global War on Terrorism. We need to know the psychological make-up of these suicide bombers, if we are to defeat them militarily and psychologically. That the Fidayeens are motivated by attaining death while killing is something that even a normal army soldier would want to do. But the Fidayeen operate alone, or in small groups like commandos. But their commitment level goes beyond that of commandos. They seek a definite death and do not wish to return alive form their missions. We have had acts of Kamikaze and Harakiri of the Japanese Samurais. But the Fidayeen are qualitatively different, since they seek a definite death and they glorify death in theological terms.

"Acting as Allah's soldier for one night in a battlefield is superior to saying prayers at home for 1000 years" - Qur'an

This is ingrained into the world view of Islam and in the perverted theology that nourished this world view. A world view that calls for its followers to fight for the spread of the Muslim faith rather than emphasizing on prayer as other theologies do. According to the Qur'an the Prophet has said: "Acting as Allah's soldier for one night in a battlefield is superior to saying prayers at home for 1000 years." (Ibne Majah, vol. 2, P 166) and "Oh ye who believe! fight those of the unbelievers and let them find in you harshness." (Repentance: IX: 123)

A Fidayeen's inner urge to die while killing; dominates his being and for him this urge to die; is stronger than the primal human urges like hunger and sex!

This is the psychological fountainhead of a Fidayeen's inner urge. An urge that dominates his being and for him is more stronger than the primal human urges of hunger and sex. The Samurais have no such motivation, neither do soldiers nor do the commandos in normal professional armies the world over. This is what makes the Fidayeen far more successful and this is what makes it far more difficult and at times impossible to defeat the Fidayeen. This is also the reason for Islam's military success in its first one hundred years, when the Muslim faith spread from Mecca to a Spain through India up to Indonesia.

The Hoary tradition of Blood Lust - The Assassins (Hashshahin) of yore

Here we may note how we have the English word " Assassin" and how it is derived. During the Crusades, the Arabs devised a cult of suicide killers. These killers were given a dose of drugs like Hashish to dull their senses and make them robotically follow their commands to kill their enemy, while killing themselves. These killers were called Hashshahin due to the drug Hashish which they imbibed before going on the suicide mission against the infidel crusaders. The Crusaders did not find any means to overcome the Hashshahins and this was one major factor in the failure of successive crusades.

The Ottman (Uthman) Turks were quick to know the value of the Hashshahins and they started the practice of Jannisaries (literally "those willing to lay down their lives"). These Janisaries were made up of Christian children, who were brought up as Muslims and were sent on suicide missions against the Christian kingdoms of Eastern Europe. The Fidayeen of today come from the same religious and ethnic background as the Hashshahins during the Crusades. Knowing this will go a long way in devising a strategy to overcome the challenge of the Fidayeens.

With this kind of an enemy, no normal professional army in the world has a chance to defeat the Fidayeen

With this kind of an enemy, no normal professional army in the world has a chance to defeat the Fidayeen…unless. Unless we outmatch their commitment, ruthlessness and guile. This is the first challenge that those who want to fight and defeat the Fidayeen will have to learn. The Special Forces with all their electronic gadgetry and professional espionage training will be outwitted unless they are familiarized with the psychology and actions determined by this psychology of the Fidayeen. If the anti-Fidayeen commandos are to be trained in the tools -of-trade of the Fidayeen; then they have to first imbibe the blood-lust that is more decisive than that of the Fidayeen. Like the killer-instinct of a hunter, who stalks a wild animal.

With the Fidayeen being like a Wild Animal; his adversary will have to have the killer instincts of a Hunter

So with Fidayeen being like wild animals; their adversaries will have to have the killer instincts of hunters. And as a hunter uses a bait, a pit, a hideout a gun, sharp-shooting skills and the work - all will have to be the paraphernalia of the commandos who will go out to eliminate the Fidayeen.

How a Fidayeen is made into a Desperate Killer

Part of the Fidayeen training involves the making of his will by every member of the Fidayeen squad; the shooting of a Video clip where the Fidayeen tells the audience that he is not going to return; and that he is off on a mission ordained by god (allah) and that he would like to be remembered by his colleagues and family members as a martyr. All this makes it impossible for a Fidayeen to come back alive from his mission. He has to kill himself to save face.

Outdoing the Fidayeen at their Own Game

With this kind of a motivation for the Fidayeen; we need to have as hardened an attitude in the Commandos who go will fight the Fidayeen. At the practical level we also need to harden our hearts and accept that we will have to play on the psychology of the Fidayeen.

Towards this end we will have to accept unorthodox practices like:

Making the family of every Fidayeen accountable for his crimes and punishing them for his crimes

Now this will not make sense to many readers, since it would target innocents; but then this is psychological warfare. So the family members of a Fidayeen - his father, mother, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, 2nd cousins, will have to be treated like war criminals and will have to face capital punishment for the crime he commits. With this threat looming large for his family members, even the most die-hard Fidayeen, will think twice, before imperiling the lives of his family members.

Punishing, those sharing the ethnic-religious-national background of the Fidayeen, for his crimes

Now this too will not make sense to many readers, since it would target innocents unrelated to the Fidayeen; but then this again is mass psychological warfare. Cruel and senseless as this seems, it would be effective. Since it is for them, that the Fidayeen is dying (and killing) for. We admit that there is no propriety or justice or fairness involved in this suggestion. Our objective is only to disable the Fidayeen psychologically. One he knows that the people for whom he is undertaking this heinous act of suicide bombing, will themselves pay for it with their lives; only then will he feel de-motivated. And this will be effective when he is told that the number of his kinsmen to be put to death will be proportional to ten times the number he kills in his suicide attack. In case he kills only himself, even then two of his kinsmen will pay for his fiendish act with their lives.

We know that we will be censured by many for suggesting this

Since we know that we will be censured by many for suggesting this, our question to them is; "Can you come up with a less cruel but equally effective method to out-maneuver the Fidayeen? If not, please do not allow your moral scruples to lead to a victory of those who do not respect human lives, including their own in their mission to Islamize the globe and push humankind into that sub-human mental prison of religious fanaticism; the most virulent, blood-thirsty and globally networked one of which is named; Islam."

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