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New York: Mr President Sir, we applaud you on saying that "The War against Terrorism, will begin with Al Qaida, but will not end with Al Qaida." And that "We shall track down all terrorists organisations which are part of this global terror." We also applaud you on stating that we shall not tire, we shall not falter and we shall not fail." Bravo Your Excellency. Bravo.

We wish you success, and as webmasters of this portal, would like, in our small way, to align with American efforts to fight this war on terrorism. We cannot enrol ourselves into Operation Infinite Justice, so we shall limit ourselves to fighitng a cyber-information war against the evil of theology-inspired terrorism.

"Islam is a religion of Peace"?

Mr. President Sir you also said that " Islam is a religion of Peace and that the acts of terror do not represent Islam". May we point out certain verses of the Quran which call for torture, murder, rape, plunder of all non-Muslims. We guess you know that going by what you also said that these forces want to drive Israel out of the Middle East, and drive off Christians and Jews from large parts of Asia and Africa. May we add here that "these forces" will not be content with what you accredit them with. They want to drive Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists out of this Globe and Islamize the entire globe.

Mr. President Sir, we have to realise the gravity of the situation by intimate intelligence about the intentions of the forces ranged against Human Civilization.

Futility of statements and attitudes which aim at appeasing a beastly adversary

We can gauge that you are making these statements about Islam being a religion of peace to prevent a backlash against Muslim Americans. And to preserve civil peace on American Soil. We Indians know how disturbing can communal riots and civil unrest at home can be in times of war. You would also not like all Muslims to be bracketed with the terrorists. And there are some Muslims who although born into the Muslim faith, have privately given up the violent tenets of the Quran.

We can also understand that these statements of yours are meant to keep the enemy a divided lot and not put him on the guard. But the last of these intentions will not work. Since the Quran believing Muslims are a blood-thirsty and death-seeking, supremely motivated killers. Yours words like "Islam is a religion of peace will fall on deaf ears of a vast majority of Muslims. We in India have seen the futility of such statements and attitudes which aim at appeasing a beastly adversary.

Statements coming from Pakistan

We draw your attention to some Statements that came from Pakistan, yesterday (20th September) from Mr. Hamid Gul, the ex-chief of the Pakistani Intelligence ISA (Inter-Services Intelligence). He said that the USA is trying to attack an enemy (Taliban in Afghanistan) who belong to a outlook where you love to fight, you love to die fighting, you love to kill, and you consider yourself a hero and a martyr if you die while killing those whom you perceive as your enemies.

Mr. Hamid Gul also added that the USA cannot limit its "sphere of action" to Afghanistan, but that "the war will immediately spill over to the Middle East and this will affect the oil supplies to the West leading to a defeat of the West in this war."

Mr. President Sir, we hope that these statements coming from Pakistan are taken note of by American (and Western) policy makers. They reflect the Muslim mind.

President Musharraf's Courageous Policy and a few Questions to him

It would seem ironical that a site like ours is saying this. But in all fairness we applaud President Musharraf in taking the stand he has taken - so far. We realize that His Excellency President Musharraf has a domestic Muslim constituency to please. He has his own compulsions. But even then we would like to ask him whether he is wanting to help the USA in this war against terrorism because India has offered military bases to America and whether he wants to join this fight against terrorism because if he does not do so India will upstage Pakistan. We ask him this, since he has said so in his speech to the Pakistani people on Wednesday the 19th September.

We also ask him that when India is happy that he has finally come over to the right side in this fight against terrorism, after supporting it in Kashmir in the past, why is he not happy with the fact that both the Government of Pakistan and the Government and people of India are today on the same side of the War against Terrorism. What are your Answers Mr. President Pervez Musharraf?

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