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Here is what CNN has to say on this topic:

Jammu-Kashmir assembly votes for autonomy in India

SRINAGAR, India (AP) -- The Jammu-Kashmir state assembly voted Monday to approve a plan to implement autonomy in India's only Muslim majority state, setting the stage for a showdown with the national government.

After five days of debate, the motion was passed by voice vote to return the state to its pre-1953 status, when Jammu-Kashmir had its own president and prime minister.

In Srinagar, State Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah said 70,000 lives have been lost in the state since the outbreak of insurgency 11 years ago, and people want to live dignity and honor with India

The Himalayan region is divided by a 1972 cease-fire line, with Pakistani troops on one side, and Indian forces on the other.

In May 1999, the two armies were firing at each other in a near-war that brought intervention from U.S. President Bill Clinton, who urged then-Pakistani President Nawaz Sharif to withdraw forces that had crossed the cease-fire line.

Abdullah, whose father was once Kashmir's prime minister, said in his speech Monday: "This will strengthen the relations between the state of Jammu and Kashmir and India. We want only what we had before 1953."

Here is the viewpoint of the Hindutva team.

Farooq Abdullah and the Hurriyat Conference keep calling for the ending the "Human" problem in Kashmir. The Hurriyat Conference has now roped in one Swami from the Puri Mutt and he is following their line that there is human sufferring in Kashmir.

Now this way of presenting the problem in Kashmir as a "Human Problem" wins the Kashmir Terrorists and Communalists a lot of International empathy. But it hides the real inspiration of ter˙˙rorism in Kashmir. The Swami has unwittingly given legitimacy to the Terrorists and Communalists.

In this context we have one question.

Since the problem in Kashmir is a Human Problem, then how come dividing the state on Communal Lines is going to solve a Human Problem?

Either the problem has got to be a Communal Problem, or if it is a Human Problem, then it has to have a humanistic and not a communal solution.

A humanistic solution is one based on removing hatred from the minds of people. And what creates the hatred in the minds of the majority community in Kashmir? The Quran does it by calling for the conversion or slaughter of all non-Muslims. The Kashmir problem is not a Human problem. It is a communal problem that is created by the hate mongering Quran. For verses on the Quran you may log into the page:

Thus the solution to this communal problem has to be based on eliminating the root of this problem. And the root is the mindset based on the codified hatred preached in the Quran - which the majority community in Kashmir follows. They share the same mindset of Osama Bin laden who calls for death to Jews and Christians.


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