Human Rights Abuses in Kashmir


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According to CNN 2,500 guerrillas in Pakistan are ready to cross into Kashmir

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SRINAGAR, India (AP) -- At least 2,500 Islamic guerrillas in Pakistan have assembled on the border with India, ready to cross into Kashmir to wage war against Indian forces. "Terrorists are being provided with sophisticated weapons and equipment by Pakistan, including missiles, rockets and state-of-the-art communications systems," India's Gen. John Ranjan Mukherji said in a statement issued late Saturday.

"The Pakistani strategy is to keep the pot boiling, try to bleed India by a thousand cuts, continue to draw attention and force international intervention in Kashmir," said Mukherji, who heads an army corps based in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu-Kashmir state. "Terrorists are now being trained by the Pakistani army at field firing ranges in control of artillery fire and use of long range weapons," he said.

In the context of this, we from the Hindutva team want to bring out the real story of human rights abuses in Kashmir.

Here are a few illustrative examples:

Sikh Men, women and children made to stand in a line and being mowed down under machine gun fire at Chattisinghpura in the Kashmir Valley.(When former American President Clinton visited India)

Shia Muslim devotees being gunned down inside a mosque while at Prayer.

Hindu Pandits being dragged out of their homes at the dead of the night and being given a choice of either being killed there and then or packing up and leaving their ancestral homes and hearths behind to migrate into the Hindu majority parts of Jammu.

These things have been attracting attention of the international media recently. But these happenings have been normal for the last two decades in the Terrorism infested Kashmir valley where Muslim terrorists are fighting a Jihad (Islamic war) against the Indian army to carve out a Muslim (theocratic) state where Hindus, Buddhists and other non-Muslims would either be converted to Islam at the pain of death or be slaughtered.

There is nothing new in such human rights abuses. These things have been happening in different parts of our globe where the Islamic viewpoint has prevailed. In fact this is the way Islam has grown from the mind of one person at Mecca to occupy the mindset of more than a billion people of our globe who are Muslims today.

In fact today the methods of conversion have changed from physical coercion to convert non-Muslims to Islam (as happened in India during the one thousand years of Muslim Occupation and is happenening in Kashmir, even today). In the West, the methods are psychological coercion, to convert American citizens to Islam, since physical coercion is not possible there.(Many Muslim organisations claim with supporting stastistical evidence that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the USA, today).

For more on this visit the webpage:

The Challenge of Religious Fanaticism to future Human Civilization and World Peace

A reading of the page at the above link will show us how the roots of human rights abuses lie in the minds of terrorists motivated with a fanatical zeal to kill or convert to Islam all those who are not Muslims. And they do this as the Quran asks them to do so. A reading of the Quran and a look at the actions of Muslims over the last 1400 years will bear this out.


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