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President George Bush has said that "We are at War". But against whom exactly. Is Charlie (the enemy) an identifiable target?

No the Prez himself has said that the enemy himself moves in the Shadows. Then the question is "How do we track him?"

In this Asymmetric (Asynchronous) War there is no physical Frontline

Unlike the War of Independence, the Civil War, or the First and Second World Wars there is not going to be a frontline, beyond which there would be the Charlie, whom the US would keep attacking till Charlie is destroyed.

Charlie would be present all over the globe and would be unseen and highly mobile in addition to being shadowy. The US is now fighting an enemy who would choose his time, place and method of attack!

So can we fight an Asymmetric (Asynchronous) War Reactively and Defensively?

The million dollar question now is can America fight an Asymmetric (Asynchronous) War Reactively and Defensively. Right now, we are in a defensive position. Our most precious symbols have been vandalised. We have zeroed down on Charlie who is not one nation as it has been in the wars which America has fought and won so far. Even in Vietnam and Cambodia although the war was not settled in our favour, the enemy was an identifiable nation or geographically-specific group. But now this is not so. Now Charlie is a number of shadowy groups of terrorists who seek inspiration from theology.

- Their sense of legitimacy to their cause is absolute,

- Their level of motivation is total, their method has no place for any respect for human life (their own life or that of their adversaries),

- Their zeal to emerge successful in every act of terror is death-defying; since they seek death (which they understand as martyrdom)

- Their hatred for the USA and everything that the USA stands for equals paranoia.

- Above all the theology from which they draw their motivation, attaches no value to civilized behaviour and decency.

Now how do we strike back at such an enemy, and emerge victorious after, as our Prez has said, defeating the enemy completely and permanently?

Options before America

We cannot:

- Indulge in a counter-terrorism campaign

-Fight a Land Battle, since there is no identifiable physical frontline

- Launch Missiles with conventional Warheads against countries that harbour such terrorists, since the missiles proved unsuccessful last time around in Sudan and Afghanistan

- Impose sanctions against countries that support acts of terror, since this has failed to curb their aggression (Iraq)

But we can:

- Build a comprehensive global alliance against terrorism

- Be up-to-date with info on the strengths and movements of the terrorists

- Adopt a track and kill policy

- All this would be the first step that could isolate the terrorists inside the rogue states that sponsor terror.

Once such isolation has come about after a few years, it would be easier to establish some sort of a geographical boundary within which Charlie (Terrorists) would be marooned.

The next logical step would then be to physically destroy Charlie with all means - nuclear, biological, chemical, nutron or any other.

This would be tough part since nothing short of physical destruction would suffice, as we face an enemy who is seeking death while wanting to kill others. As the enemy is a killer squad, a victory can only be possible on the enemy being killed. Howsoever morbid this appears today, even after the vandalization of Manhattan and the Pentagon; there is no other go if we have to emerge victorious in this Asymmetric (Asynchronous) War against Theology-inspired Terrorism.

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