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New York: India: Is a Victim of theology-inspired terrorism for the last ten years in Kashmir and so it has offered to join the American led war on terrorism

Pakistan: Is a sponsor of theology-inspired terrorism in Kashmir and Aghanistan; and has rushed into American arms because India has offered to join the Americans!

Many eyebrows are being raised in India with the American silence on the Indian offers of help in fighting terrorism, while the US is assiduously cultivating Pakistan in its future strategy. Even tiny Bangladesh which is an Indian creation, has been approached for airbases, while India (and Israel) have been acknowledged with a perfunctory nod.

American Pressure on Israel on making peace with the Palestinians

Surprisingly as the Americans prepare for the long drawn

Global War on Terrorism, they have been asking Israel to make peace with the Palestinians. The Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, after canceling the proposed peace talks between Yasser Arafat and Shimon Peres; suddenly did a volte face in declaring a cease fire and saying that a 48 hour period of stoppage of violence, could be enough for peace talks to start once again! (After 12 months of blood-letting violence)

The American silence on Kashmir

So far the Americans have been silent on Kashmir. They have not yet asked India to initiate talks with Pakistan on this issue. But gong by their grand strategy, they may as well say something similar in the near future.

President Bush visiting Mosques

At this juncture, the American President George Bush's statement made in American mosques that terrorist attacks are not the real face of Islam; again lend support to our assessment of American policy, or rather their psychological strategy while facing up to the War on Terrorism.

A reading of the American Strategy

The Americans do not want a head-on clash with Islam. And this is a sensible objective. Some, not very many, but still some Muslims might not want to conform to the Quranic prescriptions of Islamization of the globe and the mindless violence that the Quran prescribes the Muslims to practice.

In this respect this segment of the Muslim population, who have been born Muslims are in the real sense Non-Muslims. The Americans (and the rest of us) know that this is a fact. Prominent among such Muslims would be President Mubarak of Egypt, King Abdallah of Jordan, and the dark horse of them all President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan (who remains a big question mark). Such persons have their own compulsions, while being formally Muslims and being leaders of a community whose typical attitudes they reject.

Americans want to reach out to the de-islamized segment of the Muslim leadership and population

The Americans want to reach out to the de-islamized segment of the Muslim leadership and population, before they go about the war on terrorism. The overtures to Pakistan and Bangladesh are a part of this psychological war. If these efforts succeed (we wish they do) then a significant support base of the terrorist gets eroded.

The American efforts could also divide the adversary

If we assume that the Americans do not have this view of things while reaching out to the de-islamized Muslims, even then the fact of the situation is that due to this policy, there is a wedge created between the radical and reasonable Muslims in countries like Pakistan, Jordan, Indonesia, Kuwait, Egypt in the Arab world and in the Muslim world, in general.

Unrest foreseen in the Muslim nations

In the coming days, we shall witness increasing anti-government unrest in Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan and other parts of the Muslim world where the governments directly or indirectly support the American efforts. This would divide the adversary (Jihadis) as their strength would be dissipated in fighting their police, and armies that remain loyal to their governments.

It would be interesting to watch the future developments in these countries.

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