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New York, with inputs from our Washington Bureau:

The fight inside Pakistan today is between the shrewd Jihadis and the brazen Jihadis. The shrewd Jihadis are those who operate like friends of America and enemies of terrorism during the day; while they help the Taliban during the night. These shrewd Jihadis are pitted against those who want an all out open Jihad and are venting their spleen on the streets against the shrewd Jihadis and shout "Death to America and Musharraf". Many today will disagree with this assessment. But we want to point out the following facts.

The Seamless Jihad

In spite of the border being sealed for almost 2 years now, thousands of Pakistani Jihadis are crossing over to Afghanistan. Or else how to Muslim Britons are to be found among the Taliban ranks? Some days back a bunch of Pakistani Jihadis of the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen were killed in an American air attack in Kabul. How did they land up in Kabul, if the borders are sealed? Their dead bodies were turned back at the border by the Pakistani border guards. But the next day these bodies turned up inside Pakistan. How did they cross the sealed border?

The USA is planning to provide 7.3 millions of dollars worth of aid to Pakistan to seal the border better, with helicopters, night vision goggles, searchlights etc. What guarantee do the Americans have that these night vision goggles will not be used by the Taliban against the American Special Forces? Especially since most of the heat-seeking Stingers that the Taliban have are those which they were given by their Pakistani patrons to fight the United Front and the Hib-e-Islami of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar when the latter fell foul with the Pakistanis.

What guarantee is there that as in Kargil, the Pakistani army is today sending in its regular troops camouflaged as Mujahideen? And that too equipped with the hardware provided by the Americans?

Every night , trucks laden with food for Afghans carry weapons hidden under the sacks of rice and wheat. The American Intelligence also has documented evidence of all these nightly operations.

On the financial front too, the transfer of resources which was taking place through front-organisations like the Al Rasheed and Rabita Trusts is still on in a clandestine manner through Hawala (a technique of money transfer through regular banking surreptitiously)

Cloak and Dagger against Daggers Drawn

So the hardly visible and faintly recognized fact is that while President Musharraf is playing a game of cloak and daggers, the openly pro-taliban elements in Pakistan are daggers drawn. In this context the hidden enemy is more dangerous to the US, rather than those who profess their enmity toward the US openly. The Pakistani leader has played host to the Saudi Prince a couple of days back. What was the nature of these talks, nobody knows. Musharraf went to Tehran, on his way to the UN, why?

He keeps insisting that there is no Taliban inside Pakistan.

The double role and doublespeak of President Pervez Musharraf. Why?

While you President Musharraf have condemned the terrorist attack on the Srinagar Legislative Assembly, you continue to describe the Jihad in Kashmir as a freedom struggle. Do you similarly describe the palestinian Jihad (Intifada) as a freedom struggle and those Palestinaians who are shot down by the Israeli authorities as martyrs th way you do for the Jihadis shot down by the Indian army in Kashmir. We have heard the PTV using the term Shahid martyrs, is the same perverse logic applied to Palestine, Chechnya, Macedonia, Oldham, Leeds, Bradford (where yesterday a Church was vandalized by British Muslim Thugs). And above all what about those hijackers like Mohammed Atta and company who attained martyrdom while crashing the airliners into the Twin Towers and Pentagon. Afterall they also died fighting the same way as do your freedom fighters in Kashmir!

It is high time that Americans in particular and the world community at large recognised the double role and doublespeak of President Pervez Musharraf before we have to pay a costly price for being double-crossed by the smartest player on the global scene today, who revealed his mind when he referred to the Treaty of Hudabiya when he told his nation the need for Pakistan joining a tactical anti-Terrorism alliance with the USA.

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- Chakradhari

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