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New Delhi,with inputs from correspondents at New York, Brussels and London: With the Macabre attack on the State Legislative Assembly in Srinagar on the 1st of October 2001 it is time for India to go gunning for the Nest Eggs of Terrorism across the LoC (Line of Control). If General Pervez Musharraf is honest about fighting terrorism, then let him order the regular Pakistani army to attack the Nest Eggs of Terrorism from the other side of the LoC. But knowing the situation well, including the level of honesty across the border, the Indian army will have to carry out the job single-handedly. If this action , leads to an Indo-Pak war; so be it then.

India has to strike just a few hours after the US led action begins

Apart from protestations of moral support, India need not expect any logistical help form outside. This despite the frenzy that we witness on the high seas in the global war on terrorism. What India can do to leverage is fight against terrorism, is to time the beginning of the Indian action, just a few hours after the US led action begins. With this timing, India would have a Pakistan that is busy coping with the internal upheaval that is expected to accompany the US led action. We are certain that the Indian action is going to lead to the next Indo-Pak war and so it would be prudent for India to launch a devastating full scale attack of the proportions of a regular war just a few hours after the US action begins to unfold. We need not add that in doing this, the Indian army will also have to take on the Pakistani army itself.

Indian army can succeed only if, and we repeat, only if, it has made up its mind to tear the guts out of the Pakistani army and its surrogates - the private rogue armies led by Harkat, Lashkar, and Jaish.

But with domestic strife spread across all Pakistani cities and the influx of the Taliban rogue militias into Pakistan, the Pakistani army would have its hands full. At this juncture, the Indian army should go in for the kill. And this determined action on part of the Indian army can succeed only if, and we repeat, only if, it has made up its mind to tear the guts out of the Pakistani army and its surrogates like the private rogue armies of the Harkat-ul-Ansar, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Lashakar-e-Toiba, Jaish-e-Mohammedi, et al. The word "guts" refers primarily to the capability of the Pakistani Army and its surrogates to cause further damage through its campaign of terror. And yes by "tearing the guts" we also metaphorically refer to the physical organs of an enemy - a la Shivaji Maharaj doing so with Afzal Khan three hundred years back!

Only can such determined action can put paid the Pakistani designs of carrying the Jihad into India through their mask of freedom for Kashmir. India faces a do or die situation. And had it not been for the horrific events of the 11th of September, India would still have been fighting the Jihad single-handedly. India should not light up the fire in its belly and go for the beast.

While at it, India should also send in a few gifts to the Taliban's guest Osama Bin Laden now holed up in the Pamirs. This gift in the form of a nuclear payload, can be delivered through the Agni ICBM. Despite the expected disapproval from the US, India would be serving the larger purpose of hitting the nerve center of global terrorism. And for this would be secretly admired by many across the globe. India has suffered a lot due to the blood lust of the Saracenic invaders for over a millennium. It is high time for India to contribute its mite in neutralizing the threat of further ravages on the globe from this beastly Saracen mentality.

Lack of realization of their bestiality lead to the Saracenic invaders moving into India like a hot knife into butter

The Jihad reached America on the 11th of September 2001, but India has been facing the Jihad since the past One Thousand Four Hundred years since the year 638 A.D. This was when the first Arab attacks started on Sindh. A lack of understanding of the blood lust of the attackers and a foolish expectation that they could be bought off by paying protection money (Jaziya) and a childish belief that better human sense would prevail on a beastly adversary led to the repeated defeats of India at the hand of these soulless barbarians over the last 14 centuries.

Now it is time for the butter to turn itself into lava and melt the knife of theology-inspired barbarism

It was the continuing Indian resistance as personified by Hindu kings over fourteen centuries that led to the survival of India for so long through the dark days of Muslim tyranny. We need to remember that India exists today due to the valiant resistance put up to the cruel and ruthless Muslim invaders by Hindu kings like Raja Dahir Sen of Sindh (715 A.D.), Raja Jaipal Shahi of Afghanistan (980 A.D.), Maharaj Prithviraj Chouhan of Delhi (1191 A.D.) Krishna Deva Raya of Vijayanagar (1530 A.D), Maharan Pratap of Rajputana (1575 A.D.) , Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj of Maharashtra (1630 A.D.).

But for all their bravery, most of these and others not mentioned here, had a childlike belief that their Muslim adversaries are also human. No Sir, their Muslim adversaries were human only in their bodily form, in their mentality, the Muslim invaders were beasts of the third degree. Beasts who could only be defeated physically on the battlefield. Lack of this realization lead to the beastly invaders moving into India like a hot knife into butter. Now it is time for the butter to turn itself into lava and melt the knife of theology-inspired barbarism that raised its ugly head at Manhattan, Jerusalem, Srinagar and many places across the globe.

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