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The war on terror is now in its third year since 9/11. We Americans are wanting to bring democracy to the Middle East starting with Iraq and ensure that there are governments in the Islamic crescent that do not threaten world peace. This is a laudable objective. But does not address the root cause of the scourge because of which the Pentagon and WTC were blown off.

The problem before us today at Manhattan and Pentagon comes ultimately from a Theology

The problem before us today at Manhattan and Pentagon comes from Theology-inspired terrorism, based on the theology of Islam. The theology of Islam like any other theology is based on the misunderstanding of the unknown universe as some form of a god. Readers will find this analysis to be fantastically out of track with what happened at Manhattan and Pentagon - but please read on.

Choices before we Americans in the War on Terror in the light of Muslims being a fiercely clannish Islamic society

Now let us assume that the American military might with the War on terror is able to walk across all over the Islamic world after the successes in Iraq and Afghanistan, like the British, French and Russians before them. The question is can we Americans hold the restive and violent populations in these conquered Islamic countries under the new civilian administrations that they are setting up ?

We do not think so, because Muslims generally speaking, apart from being a fiercely proud clannish people are also under the clamp of Islam which is the most organised, violent, and virulent form of monotheism.

So what has this got to do with the American military strategy?

It has a lot to do with the outcome of this strategy, since we are sure of an initial American victory in conventional military operations against rogue Muslim states as has happened in Iraq, and earlier in Afghanistan. But what has followed after this is interesting to watch. American control is being gradually undermined due to popular hatred for the Great Satan as we see today in Iraq. The American established stooge government will be weakened and if we Americans withdraw, these governments would be overthrown and what will be established is a fanatically anti-West, Anti-Christian and anti-civilization regime which would be far more desperate and far more dangerous and far more intelligent than regimes like those of Saddam and the Taliban. Yes this is what will be the outcome, after we Americans today subdue the Muslims countries one by one after militarily defeating them in a convention war will lose out in the asymmetric war that will follow. This is what we see today in Iraq and also in Afghanistan (especially in the areas bordering Pakistan). We Americans cannot win till we leave the ideology that gave birth to the warmongering Muslim mindset - Islam any chance of survival. And if it this ideology of theology-inspired terrorism is not rooted out completely and permanently; then even one surviving cancerous cell would be enough to cause the body-politic of the Muslim countries that we overrun to be violently anti-American once again (as we see in Iraq). And this could eventually have far more devastating effects internationally - more devastating than 9/11, as Osama has been boasting.

The USA better understand what it is up against in the Muslim world, in theology-inspired terrorism that Islam epitomizes and the incorrigible nature of violent monotheistic theology.

Given this situation what should the USA do today?

The USA should put its ear to the ground and hear what the past one thousand four hundred years of the Muslim encounter with the rest of the world has taught us. If this is too much, then the USA can limit itself to what Christendom has learnt from the Jihad in Europe.

What can the USA learn from Christendom's experience from the Jihad in Europe?

Christendom has been victorious against the Islamic Jihad only when it has rooted out Islam completely in the regions overrun by the Jihadis.

The Arab Muslims in France in 732

This is what happened in the year 732, when the Arabs (Moors) were defeated at Poitiers (Tours) near Paris by Charles Martel (or Karl the Hammer). He earned the title "Hammer", due his incessant attacks on the raiding Muslims till none of them survived. There were no Muslims in France from this year till the Algerians started migrating to France in this century.

The Moors (Muslims in Spain in the 15th century)

In Spain when King Ferdinand (and Queen Isabelle) finally threw the Moors out of Cordoba (derived from the Arabic name Qurdubah) and across the straits of Gibraltar (Arabic name Jebel-ul-Tariq) into Morocco in the 15th century, they did not stop till they had either thrown all the Muslims out of Spain or had converted them to Christianity. This any historian will corroborate.

The Turks (Muslims) in Greece

At the end of the First World War in 1919, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, etc which were then under Turkish rule, began to undo the damage of 400 years of Turkish Muslim rule. They converted all the mosques to Churches and either reconverted the Muslims to Christianity or threw them out of their countries. The countries that did not do so were Bosnia and Kosovo. And so they face the problem they do today.

All students of history know all this, but many would not want to remember these unsavory events. Unsavory because they involve what is today called ethnic cleansing. And ethnic cleansing is certainly bad. But what do you do when you face an entity that believe in "kill or be killed" and for whom attaining death while killing is martyrdom?

Tough Question. Any civilized person will find difficult to answer.

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Man-eater tiger facing a Man

But the situation which involves globally organised theology-inspired terrorists facing the rest of the globe is like a " Man-eater tiger facing a Man" There is not much of a choice for the man, but to become a successful hunter, unless he want to end up as the meal of the unrepentant tiger.

Many Americans and other liberals would say that these this is an extreme positions and the events in France, Spain and Greece happened in a different age. We are in the 21st century now. To them we ask, if they know the real meaning of the Islamic Jihad and while they themselves have become civilized as compared to what their ancestors were 1000 years back, 500 years back or even 100 years back. But how many Muslims have become moderates like you? To answer this question we need to bring under scrutiny the Islamic concept of Jihad.

The Nature of the Islamic Jihad - Holy War

Jihad - The history of the 14 centuries of Islam bears evidence to the fact that Muslims have never reconciled to having non-Islamic people anywhere in the globe. The Muslim lifestyle may have changed - Jazzy Cars instead of the Camel Caravans, Denims instead of the Dishdashas (the flowing gown of the Arabs), their weapons may have changed from the sword of Allah to the Islamic Atom Bomb. But their outlook remains unchanged - that of the Jihad - to convert all Kafirs to Islam on the pain of death. This attitude is typified today in the proclamation made by Osama Bin Laden, the best known face of international Islamic terrorism of Jehad; "Alarzu Lillah, Walhukmu Lillah." (The Earth belongs to Allah and thus only Allah's rule should prevail all over the earth.) Thus as Islam does not accept co-existence of non-Islamic people anywhere on the globe, it is logical to foresee either a victory of the non-Islamic forces over Islam or vice versa. This victory over Islam would have to be such that would once and for all put an end to the threat of an Islamic victory to civilization the world over.

What We Americans should bear in mind today

We Americans should bear this in mind when we have started taking the war aganst terror into the enemy's territory first in Afghanistan and now in Iraq. We need to enter the enemy's territory by all means, but only if we have the will to crush the enemy to its extinction - the root of Theology-inspired terrorism, the cradle of which is Islam. Make no mistake here Americans, the root is Islam. Do we have the will to crush it?? This is the million dollar question.

Pakistan is a part of the problem in this war on Terrorism

Pakistan's Role in this war on Terrorism is going to be dubious. We can only trust them, at our peril and reap the fruits of this trust as we did when we trusted them last in 1979, when we armed them to the teeth to train and rammed the Jihadis to fight the Soviets. Whatever the logic of our policy that time, the fact remains that this act has come home to roost at WTC and Pentagon.

Unpalatable as it might be to us, it would help us to learn from this reality while going about trusting Pakistan too much once again this time.

Pakistani Blackmail on Kashmir

The Pakistanis have begun their dirty blackmail by conditioning their help to us if we solve the issue of Kashmir on their terms. Musharraf brings this point every time he addresses the UN General Assembly. One thing to remember here is that those fighting in Kashmir are the same as those who crashed the civilian airliners into the Twin Towers and Pentagon.

If we Americans desire to eradicate the cancer of Theology-inspired terrorism and to disable it from inflicting wounds on America once again; then we cannot help the Pakistanis to preserve it in Kashmir.

If we, for whatever reasons, decide to do what the Pakistanis are asking us on Kashmir; then this cancer will grow from Kashmir and be virulent enough to strike us in America once again. It would be worthwhile here to remember that Pakistan as the only nuclear capable Muslim state is not a part of the solution - it is in fact the kingpin of the problem of theology-inspired terrorism.

Pervez Musharraf's Double Role in this affair

If the Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf really had his heart in helping the USA then the demands that he should have made today would have been for the US to help Pakistan to fight out the private rogue armies like the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, Jaish-e-Mohammedi, Sipah-e-Sahaba, etc.

But interestingly Pakistan is absolutely mum on these private rogue armies.

Musharraf wants to hunt with the Hound and run with the Hare

While trying to please us Americans by pledging all support by accepting all conditions, he wants to show us that he is whole-heartedly in the War on Terrorism with us. While on the sly he wants us to fall prey to his blackmail that we should help him on Kashmir for nurturing the same Jihadis there. We need not repeat that it is these same vermin who have savaged America's Pride on the 11th of September. This is a dangerous game that Musharraf is playing with us.

In the heat of the situation, we might not see through his game. We need to remember that, in the case of Pakistan and more so the Pakistani Army of which General Musharraf is the leader, we are dealing with the institution that created the Islam . We are dealing with an institution which is the only Islamic army on this globe that possesses the atom bomb. And we are dealing with a mentality that is ruthless and death-defying in the spread of its ideology of theology-based terrorism -Islam. The Pakistani army and the Islam are thus a part of the problem of Islam. Make no mistake on this.

The way onwards for America

Since the problem that the world faces today (made acute by the blasting of Manhattan and Pentagon) comes from Theology-inspired terrorism, based on the theology of Islam. The theology of Islam like any other theology is based on the misunderstanding of the unknown universe as some form of a god. Now we Americans are too motivated by your belief in god. So we too are theists and so would see nothing wrong in a person believing in god. The problem lies here. Belief in unknown universe as a god is invalid, but not harmful as long as this belief is not imposed on others. Islam is the most violent expression of imposing belief in god on others. This sums up the problem today. The solution is to root out the evangelization of religion. This would sound incredulous to us Americans who believe in individual liberty and some of us also evangelize Christianity. But then Christianity, though invalid is not dangerous, as long as the Christian missionaries are not violent (and as a rule they are not violent). The Muslims though are violent and as a rule they are violent. Herein lies the acuteness of the problem of an invalid human choice of co-relating with the unknown universe as a god (which all religions are) and evangelizing any form of this concept (which missionary religions are) and enforcing this evangelization with the force of arms (which only the Islamic religion is). For us the Brights among the Americans – the rational-humanists; this sums up the problem

The Suggestion for us Americans in the way ahead

After this long sermon, a reader would ask us; so buddy are you with us or are you with the terrorists? And what do you want us to do?

Our answer is that the CORRECT thing to do would have been to resolve the problem of violent monotheism the way it was born. Through giving a choice of either giving up violent monotheism or facing elimination. This may sound too crude. But there is no option. Those who are Muslims today are so, since their ancestors at Mecca (in 632) in Persia (in 640) in North Africa, in Bosnia, in Albania and in all parts of the globe were given a choice of accepting Islam or facing death. Those who survived the first onslaught of Islam were given the choice of remaining non-Muslims by accepting the humiliating treatment that is recommended in the Quran for Dhimmis (people who refuse to convert to Islam).

Since this is how the Islamic problem was born, so this is how it would have to be resolved. The choice to be given to the Muslim countries that we Americans overrun would be to give up the violent theology of Islam (as documented in the Quran) and embrace any non-violent faith; or to face elimination (sorry no soft options here). Crude as this will sound, but we have to face this hard reality for our own survival as a civilized; progress and peace loving human species.

Any effective solution should prevent any violent missionary religion to ever again hold the world to ransom

The only different thing that a rational-humanist army would have done in this scenario would have been to give people in the liberated territories a choice to give up Islam and practice non-violent religious faith within the privacy of one's heart or maximum within the four wall of one's house.

Thus the effective solution would be the same - that of not allowing any violent missionary religion to ever again imprison human minds and motivate them to do violent deeds that we saw on the 11th of September at Manhattan and Pentagon.

Can we Americans today work towards ensuring this scenario when we go about the GLOBAL WAR ON TERRORISM?

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