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said that in the last fifty years whatever India has won on the battlefield, it has lost on the negotiating table. We think that this transvestite attitude needs to be trashed and Indian leaders should be assertive and smart enough to take the battle to the table and attack the enemy using smart logic and sharp words. Only this will lead to a spade being called a spade in front of the world community. The oncoming UN General Assembly is one such opportunity that the Indian leaders should make full use of to achieve this. But will they?

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Motto of this website:The religious outlook that claims to "know the unknown", as a god, allah, etc., is a sub-optimal human response (and so is a sub-human response). Violent monotheism is a criminal response which has brought our world to where it is today, post 11th September.

The need of our age is for religious fanatics to move over and make way for rational-humanists. To make it more subtle; the need is for religious fanaticism to move out of human minds and be replaced by rational-humanism.

Our maintaining this site, is our contribution for working towards this objective.

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