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Melbourne,with inputs from correspondents at London, Sydney and Dili (E.Timor):

Involve American-Afghans in governing a post-Taliban Afghanistan

Viewing the footage on CNN yesterday of Afghan-Americans coming on screen and speaking in impeccable American accented flawless English, gave us a brainwave that the best way to ensure a sensible government that can ensure a lasting peace and material progress in Afghanistan is to have some of these minds to be the rulers of Afghanistan in place of Mullah Omar.

Extrapolate this idea to the Islamic world and then on to the entire globe

We should extrapolate this idea to the entire Islamic world and then on to the entire globe. We can have a sensible world order only when all Muslim nations are ruled by those who have been born as Muslims who are Civilized (Westernized, and more specifically Americanized) not just in mannerisms, but also in their outlook, and who have given up the Islamic Outlook. Only in these circumstances can we have a World Order that would ensure peace and progress; and not turn the human race towards its own destruction as it did on the 11th of September.

As a next step, this method can be extended to non-Muslim countries as well. Then we would have a world, where all nations are ruled by leaders having a similar outlook that is civilised (Westernised, more specifically Americanized). This can be followed by integrating all nations a loose federation of one World State.

Examples of Westernized Islamic countries

Not that this is an entirely novel idea. It has been implemented by persons who have been born as Muslims to achieve a Civilized Society. Turkey is shinning example. The Turkish visionary Mustapha Kemal Pasha (Ataturk), literally caught the Ottoman Turkish society with its beard and swept it onto the path of civilization. A person who walks in Istanbul or Ankara will wonder whether he/she is in Europe. What is unseen, is that the outlook of the citizens is also absolutely non-Islamic. Turkey is a role model for all Islamic nations to follow. Other ex-soviet Islamic nations like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan also to some extent resemble Turkey - but not fully so.

Taking cue from the appearance of suave, sophisticated Afghans on CNN we recommed that as a first step, the world community has to put these civilized gentlemen in place of the Paleolithic regime in Kabul. This should be followed by all other countries in the Islamic world and then by all other countries, so that all across the globe, we have a civilized human species living in nations loosely connected into a Global federation. What Ataturk did was in essence to remove the hindrances to freedom of thought and action. Ironically to this he had to become a hindrance to hindrances! We shall see what this loaded statement " become a hindrance to hindrances" means in the following paragraphs.

Individual freedom of thought is the heart and soul of human existence

To state this case in crude way: a dog has to bark and if he is prohibited from barking and someway the dog is made to follow this rule; then although he still remains a dog, he has lost the prime essence of being one. He may chew bones, still dig holes in ground to bury bones, relive himself on pillars and columns - but he will not be able to bark. He has lost the prime essence of being a dog!

Similarly if a man is asked not to think freely; he would still remain a man as he would use only tow limbs to walk and two others to eat, read, write etc. But he will not be allowed to think freely.

This what in fact happens when a person is religious. His faculty of though remains locked up and circumscribed by one or more than one religious text. The Bible, (New and Old Testament), the Quran-Sharif, the Vedas, etc have done just that. Ask a devout Hindu and he will say - "All knowledge that is necessary is given in the Vedas" A Muslim will say the same thing; only that he will replace the word "Veda" with the "Quran-Sharif", for a devout Christian the word would be the Holy Bible and so on.

Is the Quran, Bible, Veda, etc the word of god?

Some readers will ask here, that the Quran, Bible, Veda is the word of god. Here we need to state that for a thinking species of the human being, no statement can be beyond debate. So we can debate if there is any god, is there any word of god, is it sensible for humans to freeze their outlook to that given in any one or many texts, is it sensible for humans to kill others in the name of god, is it sensible for humans to blow themselves up while killing others in the name of god, is it sensible for humans to fly civilian aircrafts into office blocks to kill all the passengers and thousands of other innocent humans!

Some may find this seeming rhetoric to be like the ranting of preacher. Yes we want to preach to the human species that it is high time to redeem the individual freedom of thought that is the sum and substance of human existence and today is necessary for human survival.

The Reason for Civilizing the Uncivilized World

Many eyebrows are going to be raised when they read this. "What the heck, you mean by calling nations uncivilized!" They'll ask. Yes we repeat that any society that denies individual freedom of thought is uncivilized, be it Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Sikh, or any other. And it is high time to call the bluff of the religious outlook which in the garb of morality and ethics has kept human faculty of free though as its prisoner!

Ethics and morality are independent of religion

Many would defend religion to be the same as ethics and morality. Yes we understand that it is necessary to tell a child that "Do not steal, for god is watching you." Fine the child does not steal. But when a child grows, up into an adult; if the adult still has to be told not to steal for god is watching him, then the adult has remained a child and the psychology of religion has prevent the child from mentally growing up while physically it has grown into an adult. Here religion becomes a hindrance. Similarly, in the infancy of humankind we needed religion, or some other psychological factor to plant the fear for being good. This ensure the birth of civil society. But when in later times religion does the same function of being a psychological motivator for humans to kill others in the name of god, is it sensible for humans to blow themselves up while killing others in the name of god, is it sensible for humans to fly civilian aircrafts into office blocks to kill all the passengers and thousands of other innocent humans! Then religion becomes a problem. As it has in fact become today. The question is not of Islam alone. The question is of the religious outlook itself. Can its survival allow the human species to move ahead in its destiny to understand and conquer the unknown universe! Can Religion allow us to do this??

Not only religion cannot allow us to do this, but it will forever keep the human species trapped in killing each other. Christian against Muslims, Muslims against Jews, Hindu against Muslims, Christians against Hindus, Jews against Christians, and the show goes on kill or be killed. When is this be called to a halt. Time is now running short and in the coming war, it is not just Islam that will have to be removed from the scene, but the religious outlook itself. A conclusion not many will agree to.

Rationale for Civilizing the Uncivilized World

Here we come to the point that triggered off this line of thought after seeing the Westernized Afghans speaking on CNN. American society is based on individual freedom. We are extrapolating this individual freedom to all spheres - cultural, social, economic, political, religious and any other. All thought and action will have to be free, as long as it does not disturb social harmony. And this will have to be the scenario across the globe. What "Social harmony" is will be decided by society at large and the concept will change with times. What was acceptable in a hunters society, may not so in a pastoral society, what is OK for a pastoral society may not be so for an agricultural society, an industrial society, etc. So contemporary society will have to decide what is "Social harmony". This concept of what is "Social harmony" will change with times; what will not change is that within the limits of socially accepted definition of "Social harmony" , there will be individual freedom of thought and action.

The first hurdle to individual freedom of thought and action is organized religion

The first hurdle to individual freedom of thought and action is organized religion the most traumatic result was seen on the 11th of September. It is high time human society did something about it. This brings us to the logistics and challenges towards Civilizing the Uncivilized World.

Logistics and Challenges towards Civilizing the Uncivilized World

The methodology to do this to Civilize (Westernize, and more specifically Americanize) the globe, after de-islamizing it as a first step to de-religionizing it

A crazy statement it what many non-Americans would say, and some Americans may not say anything substantially different. But we think that the only way to ensure a global environment that is to Americanize the globe, after de-islamizing it as a first step to de-religionizing it. Here we need to call up our earlier statement that in our path toward a free society we need to "become a hindrance to hindrances" Here comes the ruthless, but unavoidable logistics. Without being verbose, we can state that religion runs deep, very deep into the human psyche, and will have to be uprooted ruthlessly. Militant religion will have to be defeated militarily in the physical battlefield before it is neutralized and overcome on the intellectual battlefield. Today we stand at the cliff-edge of the beginning of the military battle with the most acute form of violent religion - Islam.

And only after a decisive global military victory over Islam can we move on to neutralizing the other expressions of the religious outlook on an intellectual plane. Towards this objective let us revisit the concept of an ideal human society.

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